Modelmates make a wide range of weathering and effects products for modellers. All products are made in England.

Unique weathering and special effects products for modellers.

Our aim is to provide the very best products available, using only the highest quality ingredients.

All of our special effects and weathering products are water soluble. They can be re-dissolved and wiped / smudged using a damp cotton bud to create realistic weathering effects, even after being fully dry for months.

Our Product Range


Translucent Weathering Wash:

Creates realistic dirt effects. Water soluble. Does not cover dark surfaces. Available in 10 colours – 18ml & 50ml pot sizes.

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Opaque Weathering Wash:

Fantastic weathering effects. Covers dark surfaces, visible on black plastic. Available in 12 colours – 18ml & 50ml pot sizes.

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Rust Effect Liquid:

Rust effect liquid. Create great rust fast. Easy to use. Covers dark surfaces. Available in 3 colours – 18ml & 50ml pot sizes.

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Verdigris Effect Liquid:

Verdigris / corroded copper effect. Available in Blue and Green verdigris. Use both together for a brilliant effect. 18ml and 50ml pot sizes.

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Track Dirt Liquid

Realistic track dirt. Water soluble, wipe off top of track using just a damp cloth. Available in 3 colours – 18ml and 50ml sized pots.

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Limescale Effect Liquid

Realistic limescale effect caused by leaking water, especially found on old steam locomotives. 18ml and 50ml sized pots.

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Brick Joint Filler Liquid

Fills brick and stone joints on buildings. Just brush on, let dry and wipe off using a damp cloth. 18ml and 50ml sized pots.

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Translucent Weathering Sprays

Creates realistic weathering effects. Fast and easy to use. Very fine spray, gets into the smallest of indents. There are 9 colours in this range.

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Snow Effect Spray

Realistic snow effect spray. Fast and easy to use. Does not “yellow”. Great on landscapes on buildings.

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Primer Sprays

Fine spray that flows into panel lines indents without filling them. Great matt finish. Available in 4 colours. 400ml sized spray cans.

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Latest News:

141007 sprays

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Brick Joint Filler Review by Massive Voodoo

With thanks to Roman at Massive Voodoo for the brick joint filler tutorial/review. Read tutorial / review here Modelmates Wargames Review Page Massive Voodoo hold miniature painting classes in Germany attended by people worldwide. Read more about Massive Voodoo here.

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Weathering a loco: A review by George Dent.

See here how George Dent weathers a train This review has been done by the expert modeller George Dent – Railway Modeller Magazine. He uses some very interesting techniques.

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Opaque & Translucent Weathering Liquids: Mr Lee

With thanks to Kyle at Mr Lee’s Painting Emporium for another great tutorial review. Link to tutorial Link to page

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